With expertise in stem cell research, clinical development and commercialisation, the Isopogen team has been at the forefront of cellular medicine for decades. Today, it drives the company's intellectual property strategy, which is underpinned by its expanding patent portfolio.

Platform Technology

The foundation of the Isopogen business lies in its patented StemSmart™ platform technology. When applied to Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) this patented manufacturing process improves the clinical efficacy of MSCs - offering a powerful competitive advantage against other MSC treatments.

Patents are currently held in the United States, Australia, Singapore, South Africa and Israel, with patents pending in Europe, Brazil, Canada and Japan.

Map - Patents and sufferers


Isopogen holds extensive intellectual property spanning from the isolation of cells to the growth, manufacture and testing of MSCs.  Together with Royal Perth Hospital (the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant, licensed manufacturer of products using the StemSmart™ technology) Isopogen has developed a series of audited protocols to ensure quality and consistency in the manufacturing process.

Clinical Development

Isopogen has conducted a number of studies and clinical trials of products created using the StemSmart™ technology, treating a variety of diseases. This information, encompassing both safety and efficacy, will underpin future applications for product approvals.



Clinical Trials