At Isopogen we believe cellular medicine has the power to change lives. Our proprietary StemSmart treatment is the subject of 10 clinical trials, with 150 patients already safely treated.

Clinical Response
Clinical Remission

Our advanced pipeline of research spans a number of conditions with impressive results including an 80% clinical response and 53% clinical remission in life-threatening (refractory) Crohn's patients.

As the only company to show clinical efficacy of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) in Crohn's sufferers (Phase II clinical trial), we are now focused on completing late-stage clinical development for life-threatening (refractory) Crohn's disease, and initiating Phase II clinical trials for non-life-threatening Crohn's Disease. Together, these conditions represent a market of 2 million sufferers worldwide.

As an MSC treatment, StemSmart can moderate the immune system and offers regenerative properties for tissue, creating opportunity in high-value markets such as auto-immune disorders.


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