With an expanding patent portfolio, expansive markets and late-stage clinical development, Isopogen represents an attractive investment opportunity within the emerging area of cellular medicine.

Isopogen is a privately-owned biotechnology company with clear competitive advantages in the cellular medicine space:

  • Isopogen holds an expanding patent portfolio for the StemSmart manufacturing process which is shown to improve the clinical efficacy of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
  • Isopogen is the only company to show clinical efficacy of MSCs in Crohn’s sufferers (Phase II clinical trial)

Investment Highlights

  • Proprietary product - A life-changing, proprietary cellular medicine
  • Patent portfolio -For manufacturing technology to increase the clinical-efficacy of MSCs
  • TGA licensed manufacture - License agreement with Cell & Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA) to manufacture
  • Growth potential - Significant potential in immune disorders and wider distribution though global product licensing
  • Advanced clinical pipeline - 10 clinical trials/studies and 150 patients already safely treated
  • Impressive clinical results - Initial focus on Crohn’s disease in Australia following successful Phase II Clinical Trial

To learn more about investing in Isopogen, contact Paul Fry, Chief Financial Officer, via email: pfry@stemsmart.com.au

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